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Where to Get Photos For Your Blog

When I teach blogging and social media classes at the San Francisco Writers’ Grotto, students frequently ask me, “Where can I get art for my blog? Can I just google images and use those?” The answer is yes, you can, but no, you may not. Because any image you find on the Internet may be […]

Survey Results: How Writers Support Themselves

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the survey. You guys are awesome. Here are the results:

Sixty-five writers took the survey. Of those, 42% are novelists, 18% are nonfiction and/or memoir writers, and the rest are broken down below. 43% of the writers support themselves through non-writing-related jobs (see below for a […]

BlogOakSphere Party

I went to my first ever blogger networking event last night at this cool new restaurant/bar in Oakland called Disco Volante. We wore name tags. We sipped cocktails. We exchanged business cards. I think I was the only blogger there writing about writing (someone said, “That’s so meta. And meta is cool.”) About half the […]

Momming and Writing

If you’re like me and you’re trying to do it all, you may find yourself sneaking into the corner of the kitchen to scarf down a chocolate chip cookie or sip a glass of wine now and then to keep your energy up and your sanity intact. That “all” may include picking up toys and […]